2inn House Activities

Close your eyes and imagine a lone house beyond the last village embedded in the mountains of Central Alborz, in a protected area flush Mountain lodge activity 1with wildlife and the original flora and fauna – that is where your experience begins. Depending on your interest and the duration of your stay you have several options.
The location is suitable for many activities ranging from easy adventure like exploring the valley, Yoga, relax and chill out in the house to tough adventure activities like trekking and mountaineering. Activities can be custom made to accommodate different fitness levels: Easy, moderate, challenging and strenuous.
We offer two different standard trips or we can customize a trip around your wishes:
• Exploring, chill out & Yoga - 3 Days with Easy level
• Trekking & wildlife beyond Mt Azad Kuh - 4 days with Moderate level
The above tours can be extended so if you are coming with a group, we encourage you to send your enquiry and let us know in advance so we can cater for your desire and interest.


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