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Alborz-e Markazi Protected Area

Alborz-e Markazi Protected Area
Alborz-e Markazi Protected Area, Iran

Alborz-e Markazi Protected Area is one of the biggest protected areas in Alborz Mountain Range observed by the Department of Environment of Iran. The area starts north of Tehran city and stretches to the Caspian Sea. It is situated in three provinces, Tehran, Alborz and Mazandaran. The whole area is around 400,000 hectares and is home to 48 species of mammals, 156 species of birds, 1,400 different species of plants and 26 species of reptiles who live in this area. It is one of the main sources of water as there are many rivers in this region.
The most famous mountains of Central Alborz, above 4,000m, are located in this protected area. Mount AzadKuh 4,400m, Mount Kolonbastak 4,150 m, and Mount Sarakchal 4,250m are its most famous peaks. In addition, Abali Ski resort, the first ski resort in Iran, built around 60 years ago, (1960), is located in Alborz-e Markazi protected area. The main ski resorts of Dizin, Shemshak and Darbandsar are also found here.
Adventure Iran is one of the pioneer tour operators focusing on this region to conduct and create action-packed tours. Short and long mountain trekking, Mountain biking and Ski touring are a variety of Adventure Iran tours which are carried out during the most suitable period for each activity throughout the year.
A couple of tours with fixed departure dates are included in Adventure Iran Group Tours. Due to the high-altitude, the temperature and climate varies in each season. We, therefore, arrange appropriate trips for each season. One of the most popular moderate treks is Hike in Iran through off the beaten tracks which is one-week trekking in Central Alborz Mountains and includes a number of protected areas such as Alborz Markazi protected area. For Mountain Biking we offer Iran Mountain biking in central Alborz Mountain, a one-week mountain biking in this region. For ski touring holidays we offer Alborz Range Ski Mountaineering, one of the most accessible places for Ski touring in Iran.

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