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Northern Tehran Mountain Biking In Central Alborz Mountains

Northern Tehran Mountain Biking in Central Alborz Mountains

Numerous mountains surround the area North of Tehran City with heights over 3,000 to 4,000 metres making perfect centres for selected adventure activities such as mountain biking. There are protected areas and national parks situated in the central part of Alborz Mountain range. Varjin, Alborz-e Markazi protected areas and Lar National Park are located northeast of Tehran and are just perfect for mountain biking. So far, the majority of Iran’s visitors haven’t received sufficient information about these regions. They travel to Iran believing they must go far afield for mountain biking, while near Tehran, in the heart of central Alborz, there are many areas for all types of mountain biking. There are various options for both moderate riders and advanced downhill bikers. There are also a number of districts for cycling in the northeast of Tehran. The biking terrains also vary depending on the region. They are a combination of asphalt, dirt, single-track, and age-old mule routes. In spring, the villages in Central Alborz are particularly picturesque, not only are they surrounded by different species of plants and flowers, but it’s also interesting to observe the water level rising in the rivers from the melting snow. Cycling in Lavasanat countryside…

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Ski Touring In Iran

Ski Touring in Iran

Iran, with its numerous high peaks in the Alborz and Zagros mountains, is absolutely the loneliest destination for skiing and Ski touring in the Middle East. Having a high snowfall starting from November till June in the towering mountains on the one hand, and having 150 mountains above 4,000 m on the other, makes Iran an ideal destination for Ski Touring. There are many pistes above 2,500 m level and the amount of snow is also perfect for winter activities. Adventure Iran operates many ski touring trips in Alborz and Zagros mountains. Depending on your ski level and time of travel we advise different locations and paths for professional and amateur skiers. One of the most popular ski touring adventures which has attracted many ski enthusiasts is for Mount Damavand (5,610m), the highest mountain in Iran and the Middle East. The Mount Damavand Ski Touring in Asia’s highest volcano mountain tour is a one-week trip that Adventure Iran conducts in the spring. We also combine Damavand Ski Touring with Dobarar mountain range, which makes the best combination for powder skiing, leisure trips, views of other mountains and Mount Damavand, and acclimatization at the summit. Ski Touring in MT Damavand and…

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4×4 Safari In Iran Desert

4×4 Safari in Iran Desert

Desert Safari in Iran is one of the main activities that most travellers would like to experience on their journey to Iran. As you may know, Iran has two deserts; Dasht-e Kavir and Lut deserts. They are both perfect for a 4x4 safari for all adventurous travellers in search of a new and remarkable experience. Dasht-e Lut lands are quite unusual in comparison with the other deserts of Iran, having eye-catching and unique landscapes. Maranjab, Rig-e Jen, Koreh Gaaz and Mesr desert make up the Dasht-e Kavir desert all of which are ideal for off-road 4x4 safaris.Maranjab desert is close to Kashan city, where there is a historical caravanserai which is well worth visiting. This desert is unrivalled for a multi-day desert trip for those who would like to have a short and cost-effective desert journey in Iran. Rig-e Jen, in the central desert of Iran, is one of the most adventurous. It is located in the heart of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. Rig-e Jen is perfect for those travellers who would like to have a longer and more complete 4x4 safari as it is not easily accessible. It is also more challenging compared to the other deserts in the…

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Hiking In Iran

Hiking in Iran

Hiking in Iran is one of the most attractive activities for many individuals especially considering Iran is a mountainous country with many of them over 4,000 m. Hiking is a popular sport for Iranians at weekends. Iran is a vast country with two huge deserts, where even from the desert area it is possible to see these staggeringly beautiful 4,000 m mountains in the distance. There are a lot of hiking routes. As you may know, there are two long mountain ranges in Iran. Alborz mountain range with around 900 km length to the south of the Caspian Sea and Zagros Mountain Range with 1,500 km length starting from the north east of the country stretching to the south east. There are also numerous high mountains over 4,000 m in other parts of the country for hiking.  Most travellers from all around the world come here for hiking, with Iran hiking becoming the most popular activity for many adventurers.  You cannot find an IRAN HIKING MAP here as the one you may see in your home country. There are a few organizations and companies that print Iran maps, but, unfortunately, they do not provide a special Iran hiking map for…

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Mountain Biking In Iran

Mountain Biking in Iran

Mountain Biking in Iran is a new activity for adventure travellers who come from all around the world. Iran is really an ideal mountain biking destination, but, unfortunately, it is not yet covered in the press and media. There are many Mountain Biking clubs, and over the past ten years, this challenge has appealed to a lot of women. Mountain Biking is not a popular activity as it is in some countries in Europe; there is not an exclusive cycling path in the streets of Iran. The mountains offer a lot of good trails and single-track roads which are proper for MTB freaks. There are a lot of dirt roads in our deserts between the villages and also single trails between oases which are perfect for this sport. We also have very decent roads with good quality asphalt in most parts of the country. As Iran is a mountainous country the roads are not flat so you will experience a lot of ascent and descent in most of them. We have created a wide range of mountain biking Iran tours from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. Iranian Coast to Coast by Bicycle tour is one of the good…

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Cycling In Iran

Cycling in Iran

Iran consists of distinctive lands and climate. The terrain includes mountains, deserts, forests and seas which give both beginner cyclists and adventurous mountain bikers so many choices. From the hot temperature of the Persian Gulf coast, (at sea level), in the south, to the Mt Damavand at 5,610 m, the highest mountain in the Middle East, there are a wide range of options for cycling. You can choose to cycle: on a road on one of the islands in the southern part of the Persian Gulf or have an adventure expedition by cycling across one of our deserts or if you are an experienced cyclist, the tough single-track mountain biking on the heights of the Alborz or Zagros mountains may be for you. For advanced bikers, we can offer to ascend Mt Damavand with a Mountain Bike. We offer various destinations for your adventure journey to Iran taking into account the challenging terrain, your riding experience, your fitness and endurance level and time of travel. In Adventure Iran, our mountain biking trips start from one-day easy cycling tours in the north of Tehran to one-month tours. The Iranian Coast to Coast by Bicycle tour is one of the best examples…

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