A lot of activities in the special three islands in the Persian Gulf Visiting Qeshm Island: Qeshm Geopark, Birdwatching in Hara mangrove forest, Bandar Laaft, England historic graveyards (Qeshm island), Lenj factory (hand made boat factory), Qeshm Star valley, Chah kuh valley, Qeshm Salt cave, Kharbas caves, Naz island, Visiting Laft historical village and seaport with special Gulf architecture, water reservoirs & wells including wind catchers Visiting Hengam Island, exploring by boat in along side island and photography [...]

  • Tour Code: 170-STN-MLT
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Tour Type: On Request
  • Service Level: Basic
  • Price: From € 599