Trip Highlights

7 days & 6 nights multi sport desert adventure tour
5 days trekking more than 120 km, passing through many villages and oases
An epic passage through Iran's Central Desert following part of the historical "silk road"
Visiting Naiin, Anarak and Meybod towns
Explore elegant historical villages such as Kharanagh, Anarak, Mesr and Iraj
Passing many quintessential oases on the trek

Visiting Esfahan Yazd ancientcities and sightseeing tour

Most travellers travelling to Iran miss out the opportunities of Iranian deserts. Some of them just touch the desert and have no idea about the attractions of this quintessential place. Trekking in the central desert would be a great opportunity for hikers as this area is fabulous and untouched without many tourists.
On this trip we provide a memorable journey, an adventurous 5 days trek plus half day 4WD off-road driving into the heart of the desert plus exploring Iran’s quintessential desert towns.
This trip has two main parts. The first part consists of a historic and cultural exploration from Esfahan to the central desert of Iran. We will focus on examining in detail the unique architecture and building techniques which have been developed in Iran central desert and are quite conducive and effective in combating extreme desert temperatures and allowing civilization to flourish. Some of these techniques go back thousands of years and are Persia’s contribution to solving human habitation issues and the successes of creating comfortable existence in such conditions.
We will visit some of the villages and small towns including the villages of Mesr, Farahzad, Aroosaan, Iraj, Anarak, Nain each with something interesting to offer.

The second phase of the tour will get you out of modern vehicles into the heart of the desert on foot. Camels will carry all the supplies necessary for such trips. The route chosen is part of the ancient Silk Road that was in more or less continuous usage for about 2000 years before modern transportation put an end to it. The same route was taken by a recent Swedish explorer by the name of Sven Hedin who followed this path in about 100 years ago.
We will be covering a variety of terrains, including oasis, mountain slopes, heavily weathered rock formations, sand dunes, salt dunes and other large scale crystalline formations. We will pass an old underground water reservoir, date palm orchards and ancient villages with still standing primitive buildings. It is worth stopping in these villages in order to taste some of their local food offerings.
This combination of desert trekking, local cuisine and open air desert camps combine to create an epic and unforgettable atmosphere that will help one imagine ancient travellers with their caravans of merchandise crossing the desert on the Silk Road.

Services Included

Meal Abbreviations (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)


10 B

5 L



2 nights Tehran & Yazd hotel, 2 night in VIP night bus, 1, 1 nights traditional guest house, 2 nights tent camping , 2 nights in the local housr in the oasis


All transportation, Backpack handling during the trek (up to 15 Kg)

Other Services


Luggage & equipment, transportation during the trek

All equipment provided (Tents, eating utensils, glasses)

Tea, coffee & drinking water

English Speaking desert guide

Not Included

Items of personal nature, Camel for riding, Travel insurance

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