This information is intended for the American, British (UK) and Canadian nationals

Dear adventurers,

The above passport holders need to book their trips at least two month before the departure. This duration is the minimum required time for the visa to get processed.

For those nationals we need to use specific guide from the list of the Iranian tourism board as an escort guide. The escort person must be with the traveler from the point of entry to Iran until the departure schedule. The escort will accompany the tourists even in the city. The numbers of those guides are limited and most of them are cultural guides. Sometimes we have add a cultural guide to accompany them with a Mountain Guide (our guide), depending the season and the situation. Also the wage of those guides is much higher than general guides. So the cost of the tours will rise up and we can’t join them to our group tours (fixed departure tours)

The best solution for those nationalities is traveling as a group minimum 4 people to decrease the tour cost. Otherwise they must to have a private tour.

For more information please have a look to the below link: