Iran Ultra Trail Challenge

Private Tour
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  • 3 Nights Hotel
  • 1 Night Shelter


  • 4 Breakfasts
  • 0 Lunches
  • 0 Dinners


  • Bus

Trip Highlights

  • Running around Damavand Mountain (5610m) the Asia’s highest volcano
  • Two days running on the foot of massive Damavand Mountain
  • Crossing the vast valley of Lar
  • Spectacular view of massive Mount Damavand
  • Running in Lar National Park and protected area
  • Adventure running with crossing rivers on the dirt road
  • Visiting historical Persian tribes and Nomads

Service Included

  • Taxi service from the IKA airport to Tehran
  • Shuttle bus from Tehran to starting point of the race (Plour)
  • Shuttle bus from Polour to Tehran
  • Permit to Lar National Park
  • All meals and snack during the race
  • Iran Visa authorization code(Visa reference number)
  • Finisher medal
  • T-shirt of the race
  • 3 nights hotel in Tehran
  • 1 night accommodation in Polour

Service Excluded

  • Travel insurance
  • International airfare
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Airport and departure taxes
  • Any extra hotel costs such as early check in or late checkout
  • laundry
  • mini bar used in the room
  • Meals not stipulated in the itinerary
  • Tips (optional)
  • Cost of medical immunizations
  • phone calls
  • Any other service not mentioned in the itinerary

Trip Notes

Drop Bags Details

Finish Point Drop Bags

  1. All the race participants (UTMD, PLP and PGP) can leave one bag at the event centre which is in Polour (starting point of the race).
  2. The bag will be kept in the event centre till the race finishes.
  3. Race participants can collect the stored bag by showing their number bibs.

Drop Bags for UTMD Participants:

  1. UTMD participants can leave one drop/support bag for checkpoints 4.
  2. One plastic drawstring bag will be provided to you during race pack collection period (Size: 45cm (W) x 50cm (H)).
  3. Please put baggage sticker provided on the plastic bag.
  4. You might like to include extra food, dry socks, dry running shoes, spare clothing, anti-chafing cream, blister packs, etc.
  5. Only one bag per person is permitted to be dropped.
  6. The drop/support bag must be dropped with the organizer before 9:30am on 28 May 2020.
  7. Runners can collect their bags when passing the CP4.
  8. After a runner passes through CP4, his or her bag will be transported to the finish point.
  9. Runners must collect their bags at the finish themselves or by a representative. Any bags not collected at this time may be disposed of.
  10. Please note that the race organizers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any items in the bags. Runners are advised not to leave any valuable items in the bags.

Race Courses & Categories

1. There are 3 main race courses with 3 different race distances. All races start and finish in Polour (Damavand mountain federation hut). Polour is a village 95 km northwest of Tehran.

  • UTMD – 100 km Starts from Polor towards Kamardasht, Lar National Park and western foothills of of Mt. Damavand (5,610m) and 2nd camp of Damavand (South face) and Polour. There are 8 checkpoints in this race.
  • PLP – 61 km Starts from Polor towards Lar National Park and western foothills of of Mt. Damavand (5,610m) and 2nd camp of Damavand (south face) and Polour. There are 5 checkpoints in this race.
  • PGP – 22 Km Starts from Polor towards the 2nd camp of Damavand (South face) and Polour. There are 5 checkpoints in this race.

2. In each course, there are 7 categories based on the ages of the runners and then gender categories.

3. The age categories are calculated based on the first day of the race: 28 May 2020.

Category                             AGE

Youth                       20-29 (UTMD); 18-29 ( PLP & PGP)

Senior I                                       30-34

Senior II                                      35-39

Master I                                       40-44

Master II                                      45-54

Veteran I                                      50-64

Veteran II                                     65-80


1. A trophy will be awarded to the first three male and female runers that finish in each category of UTMD, LPR and PGR.

2. All finishers get a medal and a certificate.


Note: Registered participants can change their main distance categories online before 1 May 2020 with a service change of €30.

* For more information or book the race please visit the UTMD website.


  • You will arrive at Tehran IKA airport and all runners will come with different airlines with different time. We provide taxi service with LUX TAXI located in the ground floor of the airport and you have to show your passport to get transfer service to your hotel in Tehran.

  • On the second day we still have airport pick up Taxi Service till noon. Also breakfast is included of the tour package and hotel service. Below is the plan for all runners:

    • 8:00 -11:00 Race Pack collection
    • 14:00- 18:00 Race Pack collection
    •  14:30 – 16:00 Press Conference
    • 19:00 – 20:00 Race brief session

    For the night you will stay in the Iranshahr hotel for the 2nd night. 

  • You have to rise up 5:30 and having breakfast in the hotel. All of the three groups of UTMD (100 km), PLP (61 km) and PGP (22 km) will transfer at 6:30 from the hotel towards Polour Mountain Federation hut (Event center and Starting point). UTMD and PLP group will have race and PGP will stay in the hut. We will have 2 hours drive through Haraz mountain road to reach the hut. 10:00 am the race will start. Below is the time table for each race course:

    5:00 – Rise up call

    5:30: breakfast time

    6:00 – Transfer to Polour

    10:00 – UTMD Race starts

    10:00 – PLP Race starts

    The PGP group will be free today in the hut

  • 10:00 PGP race starts

    10:30 – UTMD & PLP Prize presentation

    13:00 – 1st Transfer to Tehran

    16:00 – PGP Prize presentation

    19:00 – 2nd Transfer to Tehran

    All runners will arrive to Tehran in the evening and they will stay in the hotel for the night.

  • This is the last day of the tour package and all runners must check out the hotel at noon. The reception of your hotel will help you for reserve a taxi to drop you off at the airport.


Lar National Park is a protected area around the massive Mt Damavand (5610 m) including a number of impressive 4000m+ peaks; all located in Central Alborz mountain range. It is in two provinces of Tehran and Mazandaran. Lar is a high altitude mountainous ecosystem only 70 km north east of the capital.

The Park is around 30,000 hectares in size. There are no residential areas in or around it. During the summer when the national park opens for local herdsmen, you will see semi nomadic shepherds from the warmer regions further south take their herds to graze in the summer months. You may also see some a variety of tribes making KOOCH (move to high altitude and cooler places in the hot season) in the park territory. Different species live in this park such as birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and aquatics (brown bear, viper, partridge, gamma and red-spotted trout). This area is also utilized by beekeepers due to the abundance of a variety of wild flowers. The park opens strictly from May to Mid- August and then is closed to the public. The best time to visit is beginning of May to the end of June when the land is covered with wild flowers. Visitors need entrance permit. We will obtain the permits for our guests. Since it is a bureaucratic and time consuming procedure we need sufficient time so there will be no delays.